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Global Center for Hearing and Speech Research

Our success depends on your participation. Through the generous contribution of our research participants, we are able to discover, diagnose, evaluate, and invent. See below to learn more about participating in a study in a Center-affiliated laboratory.

Please contact us to volunteer or to learn more about the following…

Auditory & Speech Science Laboratory (813) 974-2239

“Hearing and Speech Research Screening Study”

Eligibility: Adults with and without hearing loss 18 years and older can help us build a subject pool to facilitate experiments in CSD.

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“Validation of the Automated Audiometry for the NIH Toolbox”

Eligibility: Persons with or without hearing loss ages 3 to 85 years to help us evaluate a novel automated test of hearing.

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“Aging auditory system: Presbycusis and its neural bases”

Eligibility: Adults 18 years and older with or without hearing loss can help us understand how hearing, speech perception, and listening in noise change with age.

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“Development of an Adaptive User-Guided Assistive Listening System”

Eligibility: Adults ages 18 years and older with or without hearing loss can help us develop a new assistive listening system for hard of hearing persons.

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