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Global Center for Hearing and Speech Research

The Global Center for Hearing & Speech Research is a focal point of hearing, speech and deafness research, including ties with the Departments of Communication Sciences & Disorders, Chemical & Biomedical Engineering, and School of Aging Studies. The Center clinicians and researchers have diverse backgrounds and expertise at multiple levels: research scientists, visiting scholars, postdoctoral fellows, research audiologists, technicians, and students. Through the Center's faculty and trainees, affiliations and collaborations involving the Center represent distinct and varied professional disciplines within the University, across the country, and internationally.


In addition to the four GCHSR Directors, the following USF Faculty serve as Core Members.

Ann Clock Eddins, Ph.D., M.B.A., CCC-A
Associate Professor and Associate Chair,
Communication Sciences & Disorders Department
Office Phone: (813) 974-6936, Lab Phone: (813) 974-4117
Office: PCD 4013, Lab: BPB 210
Department Link:

Dr. Ann Eddins earned a B.S. in Communication Disorders from Northwestern University, M.A. in Audiology from the University of California at Santa Barbara, Ph.D. in Auditory Physiology from SUNY University at Buffalo, an M.S. in Business Administration/Medical Management and an M.B.A. both from the University of Rochester, Simon School of Business. She started her academic career as a post-doctoral fellow in Neuroscience at the University of Florida followed by faculty positions in Audiology /Hearing Science at Indiana University and SUNY University at Buffalo. She subsequently served as the Director of Audiology at the University of Rochester Medical Center before joining the University of South Florida in 2010. Dr. Eddins' research and clinical interests are aimed at understanding the neural correlates of auditory perception in normal and impaired hearing, and the potential for neural plasticity following intervention. Her work has incorporated both human and animal models using a range of basic science and clinically applied techniques including single- and multi-neuron measures, evoked and event-related potential measures, neuroimaging and psychophysics. Current projects are focused on the identification of neural signatures, or biomarkers, of perceptual changes in binaural processing with age and hearing loss, changes in complex spectro-temporal processing with age and hearing loss, and the effects of intervention on such biomarkers. In addition to her interests in basic science, Dr. Eddins also has expertise in small business development and health care organizational management.



Name Title Department
Norma Alcantar Professor Chemical & Biomedical Engineering
Ruth Bahr Professor Communication Sciences & Disorders
Lisa Brown Associate ProfessorSchool of Aging Studies
Bo Ding Res. Asst. Professor Communication Sciences & Disorders
Ann Eddins Associate Professor and Associate ChairCommunication Sciences & Disorders
David Eddins ProfessorCommunication Sciences & Disorders and Chemical & Biomedical Engineering
Jerri Edwards Associate ProfessorSchool of Aging Studies
Robert Frisina, Sr. ProfessorChemical & Biomedical Engineering and Communication Sciences & Disorders
Robert Frisina, Jr. ProfessorChemical & Biomedical Engineering and Communication Sciences & Disorders; Director of Biomedical Engineering
William Haley ProfessorSchool of Aging Studies, Joint appointments in Psychology, Nursing, and Geriatric Medicine
Terry Hnath-ChisolmProfessor and Vice-ProvostCommunication Sciences & Disorders
Piyush Koria Assistant Professor Chemical & Biomedical Engineering
Jennifer ListerProfessor and ChairCommunication Sciences & Disorders
Hongdao Meng Associate Professor School of Aging Studies
Victor Molinari Professor School of Aging Studies
Chris Passaglia Associate ProfessorChemical & Biomedical Engineering
Anna Pyayt Assistant ProfessorChemical & Biomedical Engineering
Catherine Rogers Associate ProfessorCommunication Sciences & Disorders
Brent Small Professor and Acting ChairSchool of Aging Studies
Joseph Walton ProfessorCommunication Sciences & Disorders, School of Aging Studies, and Chemical & Biomedical Engineering
Victoria Williams-Sanchez Res. Asst. Professor Communication Sciences & Disorders